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President's Message: Vayelech

Dear friends,

This week's Parsha, Vayelech, describes Moshe's final discussions with the Jewish People in a very curious way. The Torah relates that "He went" (Vayelech), but that he could no longer come and go. What was the point of the phrase "Moshe went?" Why is the Parsha actually called "He went?" 

Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, in his commentary on the Parsha, explains that even in his last hours, Moshe had the same vigor to prepare the Jewish people for their journey as when he led them out of Egypt. He went, until he stopped. 

Our job in teaching and instructing doesn't end when we slow down. There is no concept of doing fewer mitzvot as we get older. We must continue to strive until we can no longer go. (Full text here.) 

• • • 

I've often noted that the Parsha always has a personal message for those who look for it. I've been talking to people about my term coming to an end, looking forward to more free time and fewer meetings (and fewer text messages!). The Parsha teaches me that the ninth inning is as important as the first. 

To that point: Yom Kippur is next week and we will be trying out a different approach to selling aliyot. Men who have reserved a seat for the high Holidays should be receiving an email with a reservation form for aliyot for Yom Kippur. Please reserve the honors that you wish. All Honors that have not been reserved will be auctioned off on Yom Kippur. If you have any problems with the form, please let the Rabbi or any Board member or Officer know.

Right after the holidays, our monthly Israel lecture series begins.

After the Chaggim, the Board will review all of our recent planning and programs. Please let us know if you have ideas for a better system or experience. We are always interested in improving, and everyone's input helps.

Wishing you all a peaceful and meaningful Shabbat Shalom and a K'tivah V'Chatimah Tovah,

Steven Inker

Mon, December 5 2022 11 Kislev 5783