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To check eruv status on Friday afternoon, call 718-596-4840, ext 14 

Jewish law forbids the performance of certain actions on Shabbos. Among these prohibitions is carrying from a private domain into a public domain and vice versa, and carrying more than a few feet in a public domain.

Abiding by these restriction would make it impossible for people with children too young to walk and the handicapped to leave their homes and go to the synagogue or visit friends on Shabbos. To enhance the enjoyment of Shabbos for such people and their families, the Rabbis instituted the establishment of a symbolic enclosure, known as an “eruv,” whereby an area that would otherwise be a public domain is considered a private domain for the purpose of carrying on Shabbos. An eruv is typically created by stringing wires to connect lamp posts and utility poles.

Congregation B’nai Avraham has constructed an eruv enclosing all of Brooklyn Heights and much of the adjoining neighborhoods. For the eruv’s exact boundaries, please read below and click on the subsequent map.

The eruv extends from the Brooklyn Bridge, south along the Brooklyn Queens Express­way (Interstate-278 East) and Gowanus Expressway to the Prospect Expressway. It loops back along Fourth Avenue, following Flatbush Avenue to Livingston Street, and then north along Jay Street until it reconnects with Interstate-278 by the Brooklyn Bridge ramp.

The Congregation checks the eruv weekly, usually on Friday mornings, to ensure that the enclosure does not have any breaks that would disqualify it for use. We recommend that anyone who plans to carry on Shabbos call the synagogue on Friday afternoon at 718-596-4840, ext 14, to learn whether the eruv is up.

Please note that the existence of an eruv does not establish a general leniency regarding the performance of prohibited activities on Shabbos. For instance, it is still prohibited to drive or spend money within the eruv. Please address any questions regarding the specifics about what may and may not be done within the eruv to Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin of Congregation B’nai Avraham or to another competent rabbinic authority.

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784