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President's message 7.22.22

Dear friends,

Pinchas, this week’s Parsha, continues recounting the Israelites’ downfall against Midian, describes the census, outlines the request of the daughters of Zelophchad to retain the land of their father, describes how Moshe learns of his impending death and his requests about his successor, and ends with the sacrifices brought throughout the year.

Many have commented about the importance that Moshe placed on the type of person and the priorities that his successor should have, and it is a blueprint to what we should look for in our leaders. Rabbi Mervis points out here that Moshe uses the term “the God of the spirit of every person." Moshe knew that the leader must be a global leader for the nation, but he also knew that a great leader listens to every person. It is not enough for the nation to succeed if minorities within that nation suffer. A nation is only as strong as its weakest member.

Rabbi Riskin looks further, at the character of Joshua, the successor. Rabbi Riskin analyzes how Joshua, as opposed to the more intellectual Pinchas, or Elazar the Priest, or Moshe’s own sons, earned the title. Joshua’s outstanding characteristic was his devotion to Moshe and his concern for the well being of the Israelites. A great leader must lead from the front but be concerned with all of his people.  

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The Siyum bbq is still planned for next Sunday, July 31, at 2 pm. And we are planning a lecture series for after the Holidays. More details soon.

Wishing all of you a peaceful and meaningful Shabbat Shalom

Steven Inker

Fri, August 12 2022 15 Av 5782