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Message from the President: Yitro

The weekly Parsha always has relevant lessons for us. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find them, but in Parshat Yitro it jumped right out at me. 

While this Parsha contains the Israelites receiving the Ten Commandments, arguably the most important event in Jewish history, the Parsha is not named for this event. Rather, it is named for Moses' father-in-law, who came to recognize the power and omnipotence of G-d but who, one could argue, was not in the same league as the Ten Commandments.

So why does Yitro get top billing? Yitro came, watched Moses, gave his advice and left. What was this advice, this great contribution to Moses, and the continuity of Jewish leadership? He taught Moses to delegate. To find people to help with interpreting laws and solving problems, so that the nation could function.

• • •
This week we had our first working Board meeting of 2022, and the theme was (you guessed it) delegation.  

Committees are being set up to tackle a number of topics, and will report prior to the March board meeting. Unfortunately, the Rabbi was not able to be present at the meeting, but I discussed all of the issues and deliberations with him shortly afterward. 
The topics are:
    • Security improvements in the face of increasing Antisemetic attacks.
    • Planning our events – how all the people who work on this can share ideas and communicate better.
    • Membership types and levels, keyed to different budgets and needs.
    • Staffing – relieving day-to-day tasks the Rabbi and Shternie are handling, improving shul accounting practices, and formalizing our arrangment with the Shabbos Baal Koreh, Rabbi David Shushan.
     • Elections – seeing if there are ways we can improve how they are conducted.
    • Non-halachic ritual standing committee to assist the Rabbi and congregation. 
    • Job descriptions and expectations of the shul leadership, at the recommendation of the Rabbi.
This is a lot to accomplish, but it begins here. Any members interested in working on one (or more) committees are welcome. You can always contact me, or any Board member or officer to get involved.   

The minutes for the previous meeting will be made available to synagogue members shortly. (The minutes from this week's meeting will be sent out after they are approved at the next Board meeting.)
As always, if you have any suggestions or concerns, please contact me at  (or text or WhatsApp me at 917-620-8762) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Wishing you all a safe and meaningful Shabbos,
Steven Inker

Mon, May 23 2022 22 Iyyar 5782