B’nai Avraham Sisterhood

The B’nai Avraham Sisterhood is dedicated to bringing women together in a vibrant spirit of community and connection. We accomplish this with:

Women’s classes: Every third Wednesday of the month, we hold a class on topics of interest to the women of the Sisterhood. Examples are the laws of mikvah and family purity, the laws of kashrut, women and prayer, and challah baking. Classes are conducted by learned, articulate spokespeople and present a deeply spiritual, often Chassidic, perspective on the topics and questions discussed.

Community Projects: Every Purim, the Sisterhood organizes opportunities for the synagogue to distribute baskets of Shelach Manot to every member. Moreover, we plan a Sukkah hop every Sukkot, where members visit each other’s sukkahs, eat together and share this joyous yom tov. Then we hold Mikvah events, such as a brunch/Spa Day for women or a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres evening with a lecture by Rabbi Manis Friedman.

Member Support: We lend support to all our members in simcha and sorrow. When a young mother gives birth, the Sisterhood will provide a Shabbos meal for her and her family while she is in the hospital with the baby or just arrived home. Moreover, when a member suffers the grievous loss of a family member, the Sisterhood will provide meals for the bereaved and ensure they have what they need during the Shiva period.

We embrace all our members and reach out to learn more about your individual requirements and interests so as best to serve your needs. We are constantly exploring new topics of learning, new teachers and new classes. The Sisterhood is constantly evolving, and we welcome the ideas and suggestions of our members. Come meet with us, make new friends and connect!