This week is Passover.

Event Date Time
Search for chametz Tuesday, April 7 7:56 pm
Zoom: Siyum – Fast of the Firstborn Wednesday, April 8 9:30 am
Stop eating chametz 10:46 am
Flush or burn chametz Before 11:52
Candlelighting 7:11 pm
Candlelighting Thursday, April 9 After 8:12 pm
Candlelighting Friday, April 10 Exactly 7:13 pm
Shabbos ends Saturday, April 11 8:14

The Siyyum Zoom invitation referenced above:

Topic: CBA Siyum – If you are a firstborn or have a firstborn son, this is for you. Presented by Dr. Steven Inker

Time: Apr 8, 2020 09:30 AM Eastern Time (U.S. and Canada)

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