Rabbi Raskin and Shternie

We love to brag about our spiritual leaders, Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin and Rebbitzin Shternie Raskin. The rabbi, a Chabad Chassid, adds a dimension of joy and spirituality to everything we do. He is the author of Letters of Light, and co-author of The Rabbi and the CEO. Shternie is the director of the *Kiddie Korner preschool,* the mother of six, and serves lunch or dinner at her home for 25 or 30 of her closest friends almost every Sabbath. You’re invited!

Rabbi Raskin’s latest book, By Divine Design, explores the kabbalah of letters in the Torah that are large, small, or missing. Split up in weekly parsha section, By Divine Design teaches the significance of these anomalies and is a great addition to any Judaic library. Buy it from Chabad here or on amazon By Divine Designhere.

More information on books by Rabbi Raskin can be found here.

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