Donate This Yom Kippur 
On Yom Kippur, we work to tap into the Essence of our own soul — the untouched place within us where there are no limitations — and draw down a new start for the coming year. The Tanya teaches that the most effective way to draw down a “new light”, new possibilities for our inner and outer worlds, is to give tzedaka in abundance. We are also promised by the Torah that G-d repays the tzedaka we give manifold. This Yom Kippur, your generosity will surely draw down a spectacular new light to illuminate the uncertainty our world is currently experiencing, and reveal G-d within it.

For a High Holiday Donation:

Honor Your Loved Ones with a Yizkor Donation
One of the most powerful ways to connect to the souls of our departed loved ones, and to give them great joy and pleasure in their place Above, is to give tzedaka in their names. And this year, the effect of your donation, both Above and here below, will be all the more powerful, as it will help our community to recover and thrive in these trying times.

Name of Deceased
Name of Deceased’s Father