The mission of the Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy is to develop a deep love and learning for general and Judaic studies. We arm our students with the knowledge and skills to become life-long learners. Our dedicated staff provides a nurturing and caring environment which encourages all students to reach his or her full potential in order to succeed as responsible, self-confident citizens with a strong connection to Judaism and the community.   


The school provides a first class educational experience for all students. The caring and nurturing environment enhances strengths and maximizes potential. A comprehensive Jewish and general studies curriculum, supported by extra-curricular activities, prepares our students to deal with the challenges of an ever-changing world.

The school strives to develop students who:

  • as individuals: are respectful, resourceful, articulate, accomplished, and resilient.
  • as learners: demonstrate intellectual curiosity, versatility, and an ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • as leaders: are role models, acting with self-assurance, tolerance and initiative, and are able to practice and transmit Torah values to future generations.
  • as members of the community: contribute positively to the Jewish community, Israel, and society at large.
  • as citizens in the community: are able to engage in a full range of professions, and careers as members of this democratic society.

The school fosters a staff that is committed to excellence, innovative in approach, and develops motivation and enjoyment in the learning process. Teachers will cater to each child’s individual needs by focusing on his or her specific abilities. Through the delivery of a comprehensive, supportive, and varied education, they model the best disciplines and methodology. Teachers in our school are aware of the fundamental reasons for the school’s existence and the part they play in upholding the values espoused in the school philosophy; the school values its partnership with parents who work collaboratively with the school in promoting their children’s successful outcomes.


The school is based on three principles: 1) love of G-d, 2) love of Torah, 3) love of Israel.

At BHJA, we believe that portraying G-d, Torah and Israel in a positive light leads students to feel a love towards Judaism. Instilling this love in the youth of today is important for the continuation of the Jewish people. We want our students to love their Judaism and appreciate its practices.

The Torah tells us to “Love the L-rd your G-d.” It also commands us to “Love your fellow as yourself.” Which is the greater virtue, love of G-d or love of one’s fellow?

Our Sages tell us that the two are one and the same. G-d loves all children. So ultimately, love of humankind is a greater show of love for G-d than simply loving G-d. We believe that by instilling in our students a love for humanity, this brings about a love of G-d.

The Torah forms the backbone of the Jewish people. It includes the Five Books of Moses; it is all-inclusive: we receive laws and customs, traditions, ethics, values, holidays, and our Jewish identity from our understanding of Torah.

We also strive to build a strong emotional connection to Israel and make it an integral part of each student’s identity. Through learning about the land and its history, as well as the Hebrew language, we aim to impress upon our students a true love for the Land of Israel.